Saint-Félicien (Zoo)
Quebec, Canada
The Zoo of St-Félicien is one of the largest zoos in the province of Quebec. Located in Saint-Félicien, the zoo is dedicated to wildlife conservation of the boreal climate and is managed by The Centre for Conservation of Boreal Biodiversity inc. The Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien is an accredited member of the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA).

In the early 1980s, the zoo was financially strong and received over 300,000 visitors to its park. It became obvious through visitor comments that the demand for more educational focus at the zoo was growing, and the zoo came up with a Zoo of the Year 2000 plan, and the St-Félicien Zoological Society Foundation (French: Fondation de la Société zoologique de St-Félicien) was created in 1981 to help implement such a transformation. In 1985, work began to create habitats adapted to each animals way of life and to remove the animals from their cages. In order to house carnivores such as their big cats, three large 24-by-30-metre (79 by 98 ft) paddocks were built. In addition, the chimpanzee habitat was constructed so the animals were contained only by a fence surrounding the water basin, in order to keep people out. The zoo also constructed new homes for giraffes, elephants, and hippotamus with walls and ditches replacing cages to separate visitors from the large animals.
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